About Me

Hi there! I’m Nikki Schell. I’m a visual designer based in Washington, DC.

I’m an INFJ who does her best thinking while doodling. Friends and coworkers regularly make fun of me for writing things on paper rather than typing them on my computer but it helps me keep ideas in my brain.

When I’m not designing for tech companies, you can find me traveling (or planning travels), photographing couples on their wedding days, and reading my favorite books over and over.

Likes: Solving problems, creating organization solutions (physically and virtually), geeking out about camera equipment, puppies (I’ve got two!), being outside, cheering for Clemson and the Washington Caps, ramen & pho!

Dislikes: Itchy sweaters, hoarders, airlines that don’t have apps, hitting my hipbones against counter tops, clickbait, cold weather, DC traffic.