I am Nikki Schell

UX Designer

Hi there! I’m Nikki Schell. I’m a UX designer based in Washington, DC.

I’m an INFJ who does her best thinking while doodling. Friends and coworkers regularly make fun of me for writing things on paper rather than typing them on my computer but it helps me keep ideas in my brain.

When I’m not designing for tech companies, you can find me traveling (or planning travels), photographing couples on their wedding days, and reading my favorite books over and over.

Likes: Solving problems, creating organization solutions (physically and virtually), geeking out about camera equipment, puppies (I’ve got two!), being outside, cheering for Clemson and the Washington Caps, ramen & pho!

Dislikes: Itchy sweaters, hoarders, airlines that don’t have apps, hitting my hipbones against counter tops, clickbait, cold weather, DC traffic.

My Experience

UX Designer – August Schell Enterprises

(Oct 2015 – Present)

Design UX for govtech companies and military/government organizations

Web Designer – Smithsonian

(Oct 2014 – Oct 2015)

Assisted in the redesign of the Smithsonian National Zoo’s website

My Skills

IA, UX, and UI Design 95%
Sketch 85%
Wireframing 80%
Prototyping 80%
Usability Research 75%

Design Process

Over the last few years working as a UX designer, I’ve learned that good design takes time, revision, research, stepping away from the computer, and more. While an idea may hit me in a moment of inspiration, the full design and the experience of the product requires collaboration and an understanding of your end users.

Initial design solutions may be good, but I’ve found that final design solutions are the result of an iterative process. This process involves discovering the who/what/where/when/why, conducting research, gaining deep knowledge of users, and working as a team to create prototypes.

My experience has taught me that successful design projects always keep the end-user top of mind and always are the result of a team that makes good communication a priority.