August Schell CRM App Design

Mobile first thinking lead me to creating the ASE Mobile CRM App. While the desktop CRM is somewhat responsive, it is not particularly user friendly. The August Schell solutions providers and sales reps are constantly on the go – meeting with clients and engineers, so creating a mobile app was a logical step for the company.


August Schell does a great deal of work with customer relationships, so we wanted to make it easier for our solutions providers to get in contact with their customers. The CRM we had in place is mobile responsive in browser, but had some experience issues that we wanted to solve.


To start, I worked with our solutions providers and engineers (those who use the CRM the most) and conducted some research gathering interviews. I questioned them about their current CRM use, the mobile version of the CRM, how they could and would use an app, and more.
After discussing these questions with those who are going to be using this app the most, I proceeded to talk to some of the company managers. They have access to the CRM, use it a little bit, and the information that’s important to them is different than the information the solutions providers and engineers prioritize.


I created some mock ups using Balsamiq to get ideas down.


For the final design, I brought the branded look to the app. I designed a simple logo, selected colors that were clean but energetic, and left the app looking simple and easy to use.

I created the final design in Sketch and the final prototype in Marvel.

I see this app developing further into something a bit more complex (but still easy to use) in the future. There are a lot of capabilities that I did not include in the first go around, for simplicities sake and to see if this was even a good idea.