Wedding Budget App Design

Due to my side business of being a wedding photographer, I frequently work with brides and grooms on a budget. I wanted to create an application that would help them stick to that budget, see what they still needed to hire/purchase, and create a log of all their expenses. Weddings can be so expensive, but I hope this app helps those couples that say they’re on a budget, stick to it and keep them mindful of where they’re allotting money.


I am a photographer and periodically I shoot weddings. That means I talk to brides and grooms about their wedding, including their budgets, quite frequently.

At the beginning of October 2017, I decided to design this app due to numerous budget conversations I have about weddings. Friends started asking me budgeting tips for weddings, how much average weddings cost, how to save money for weddings – but I didn’t have all the answers.

It hit me one day that a wedding budget app could help engaged couples and I looked around for budgeting apps to share with clients and engaged friends. I found a ton of generic apps, some that dove more specific into mortgages or paying off loans, but didn’t see any that were budgeting for something as chaotic as a wedding.

Due to the successful reception I’ve had from testers, engaged couples included, I am also in the process of getting the app developed!


Starting out, I talked to a bunch of my wedding clients about their budgets. They know that my full time job is as a User Experience and Visual web designer, so I explained that I was working on a wedding budgeting app. Immediately, a couple of them said something like this would be so helpful. There are bank apps, and budget apps, and wedding apps, but there’s nothing they had found that really assisted them in budgeting for this type of event (aka their wedding day). A lot of the grooms said they’re pretty hands off in regards to planning, but budgeting was a big part they did want to be included in. The couples, but especially the men, all said they’d use a mobile app over a desktop app, due to the simplicity of taking it with them to wedding meetings.


I created some mock ups using Balsamiq to get ideas down. The entire app is quite simple and is based on 3 main screens with buttons that have slide up screen overlays. The idea is that couples would set their budget, then be able to see what vendors/items they’ve already contracted or purchased and how much they spent on that, and then be able to see what vendors they still needed (and how much they have left to spend on it). They’d have the flexibility to add any information to the vendor information, add additional vendors to the vendors needed page, and edit the budget.

Something I’ve considered is linking this app to bank accounts, but during initial conversations, couples seemed skeptical about hooking up their bank account, weren’t creating a wedding bank account, and thought it’d be better if they just could input the amount they set as their budget.


For the final design, I created a bit of a brand look too the app. I designed a simple logo, selected colors that were feminine but not overly, and left the app looking clean and simple.

While the main issue I wanted to solve was that there really isn’t an app for this, I also want this to be more than just a budget app. I wanted it to give couples the ability and flexibility to control what vendors are important to them, add information about the vendor (such as what package they booked or what color plates they’re buying), and to not be overly heavy. I tested out the design on a few couples and they gave me feedback. After minor tweaks were made, I created the final design in Sketch and the final prototype in Marvel.

I see this app developing further into something a bit more complex (but still easy to use) in the future. There are a lot of capabilities that I did not include in the first go around, for simplicities sake and to see if this was even a good idea.