Smokin' Pig Web Presence and Ordering System

Project Overview

The Smokin' Pig is a restaurant located quite close to my alma mater, Clemson University. It is a little hole in the wall that is absolutely incredible and I highly recommend it if you go visit Clemson.
For this project, they need a new website and phone application for their online ordering system, which they're trying to implement.

Information Gathering

It was necessary to talk to restaurant go-ers who would consider ordering their food online or via phone. It also helped to study other restaurants that do have online ordering as part of their workflow.

Early Ideas

I created some mock ups using Balsamiq to get ideas down. The website is based around a grid and has no standard navigation bar, because in this case the menu is the food menu and all the website options are clearly displayed on every page.

Final Design

For the final design, I used their branding, which heavily circulates around the Clemson football team combined with grilled meat. The website needed to look clean and appealing to college students in the area.